Morning Reflection: Students will be given time to reflect on the day, build school culture and lead during this time. This will be whole-group time where all students will gather together with teachers and grade level school leadership.
Academic 1-4: B.A.S.S.E. students will attend their core subject classes (Math, Science, Social Studies and English) during this time. Students will have 90 min classes to better prepare students for college and career expectations in post-secondary life.
Student Service: The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence is committed to community service and development. Students will research the needs of the community and create, develop, and implement community based projects three times per week throughout the school year in our extended school day.
Elective: B.A.S.S.E. is committed to giving students choice and leadership. Students will have the opportunity to select into required electives throughout the year. Each student will engage with debate, chess, music, writing, language, sports and other activities during this time.
B.A.S.S.E. believes in providing students with a rigorous and challenging academic experience while deeply immersing them in community opportunities and career experiences. We know that in order to accomplish both, we will need a little additional time each day.
Additionally, we recognize that the majority of our students have working parents. In order to better support the interests of our students and families we opted to align our operational hours with those of the average work schedule to save our parents time and money.
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